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    We love our Lifestyle friends and cherish the relationship we have with them both in and out of the Lifestyle. Currently seperated geographically but together often. Chances are that your neighbor, an associate at work or even a family member is a swinger. '" As he put the tea cup down, he couldn't hide the tremor in his hand which caused a rattled meeting of cup to saucer.

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    We have created files of all out documents to accommodate all these groups of people.

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    Fanno baruffa is the Italian term for hard breasts pointing outwards.[FN#147] A large hollow navel is looked upon not only as abeauty, but in children it is held a promise of good growth.[FN#148] Arab.

    "Ka'ah," a high hall opening upon the centralcourt: we shall find the word used for a mansion, barrack, men'squarters, etc.[FN#149] Babel = Gate of God (El), or Gate of Ilu (P. of God),which the Jews ironically interpreted "Confusion." The traditionof Babylonia being the very centre of witchcraft and enchantmentby means of its Seven Deadly Spirits, has survived in Al-Islam;the two fallen angels (whose names will occur) being confined ina well; Nimrod attempting to reach Heaven from the Tower in amagical car drawn by monstrous birds and so forth. 114, Francois Fenormant's "Chaldean Magic," London, Bagsters.[FN#150] Arab.

    When Bernard the Wise(Bohn, p.24) speaks of "Bagada and Axiam" (Mabillon's text) or"Axinarri" (still worse), he means Baghdad and Ash-Sham (Syria, Damascus), the latter word puzzling his Editor. Lee (Ibn Batutah, 29) denies that ha-Dimishki means "Eliezer of Damascus."[FN#141] From Oman = Eastern Arabia.[FN#142] Arab. date of Henna, but applied tothe flower of the eastern privet (Lawsonia inermis) which has thesweet scent of freshly mown hay. The "myrtle" alluded to may either havebeen for a perfume (as it is held an anti-intoxicant) or foreating, the bitter aromatic berries of the "As" being supposed toflavour wine and especially Raki (raw brandy).[FN#143] Lane. 211) pleasantly remarks, "A list of thesesweets is given in my original, but I have thought it better toomit the names" (!EUCHARISTERION: Essays presented to OMELJAN PRITSAK on his Sixtieth Birthday by his Colleagues and Students CONTENTS Part 2 James M.Kelly, "A Closer Look at the Diwãn al-Adab" 497 Zenon E.Richardson(Dissert, lxxii.) seems to support a hideous attempt to derive Sham from Shamat, a mole or wart, because the country is studdedwith hillocks! ) Dozy does not shirk his duty, but he is notmuch more satisfactory in explaining words interesting tostudents because they are unfound in dictionaries and forgottenby the people.Al-Sham is often applied to Damascus-city whoseproper name Dimishk belongs to books: this term is generallyderived from Damashik b. "Akras (cakes) Laymuniyah (of limes) wa Maymuniyah" appears in the Bresl. as "Ma'amuniyah" whichmay mean "Ma'amun's cakes" or "delectable cakes." "Amshat" =(combs) perhaps refers to a fine kind of Kunafah (vermicelli)known in Egypt and Syria as "Ghazl al-banat" = girl's spinning.[FN#144] The new moon carefully looked for by all Moslems becauseit begins the Ramazan-fast.[FN#145] Solomon's signet ring has before been noticed.[FN#146] The "high-bosomed" damsel, with breasts firm as a cube,is a favourite with Arab tale tellers.

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